Publish your articles in the Slovak issue of the HLT (Humanizing Language Teaching) magazine.

Dear English Language Teacher, Teacher Trainer, ELT Professional,

It is with our great pleasure and honour to inform you that the Slovak Association of Language Schools (AJS SR) is hosting the October 2020 issue of the Humanizing Language Teaching online magazine run by Pilgrims,

HLT is the leading free online magazine for Teachers of English where  you’ll find a wealth of ELT articles and ELT resources, lesson ideas, voices, book reviews and articles about 21st Century Skills, NLP, CLIL, Primary, Secondary and more!

Contributors include Mario Rinvolucri, Alan Maley, Rod Bolitho, Adrian Underhill, Tessa Woodward, Andrew Wright, Aleksandra Zaparucha and many more leading ELT experts so you will publish next to well known professionals.

HLT also encourages institutions and/or countries to guest edit, ensuring HLT is a truly international publication.

The whole issue in October 2020 will be presenting us – the Slovak professionals in ELT to the language teaching world. You have got a unique opportunity to contribute and submit your text. The deadline is 30th June 2020.

We have two contact people – Klaudia Bednarova at and Jana Chynoradska at

Please read the contributor´s guidelines as well as reasons why you may want to read and write for HLT.

Texts you may want are as follows:

  • Various Articles Various length, themes

Klaudia Bednárová,

Jana Chynoradská,

  • 21st Century Skills

Klaudia Bednárová,

  • Lesson Ideas.

Jana Chynoradská,

  • Golden Classics.

Klaudia Bednárová,

  • Voices opinions from students, teachers, editors, publishers, animators involved in ELT.

Jana Chynoradská,

  • Publications & Book reviews

Klaudia Bednárová,

  • Humour  Cartoons, jokes or articles on using humour

Klaudia Bednárová,

  • Poems written by teachers

Jana Chynoradská,

Once you decide to submit your text to any of the contribution types, please READ THE Contributor´s guidelines thoroughly and put your writing to the requested form. Please follow the attached guidelines and check it yourself prior to sending it to one of us.

We will be collecting your submissions by 30th June 2020 and the selected ones will be awarded financially at 30 Eur/chosen contribution. The sponsor of this initiative is the Slovak Association of Language Schools (AJS SR).

The contributors will have a chance to present their articles (poster presentation) at one of the two key ELT Conferences held in Slovakia next year – the Learn&Lead 2020 Conference in October, Trnava.


Jana Chynoradská, President of the Slovak Association of Language Schools

Klaudia Bednárová, the principal of the Bridge – English Language Centre